About usEmilbronzo 2000since 1974 in the metal sector

Emilbronzo 2000 has 50 years of experience in the field of supplying non-ferrous metals (bronzes of all alloys, brass, aluminum and custom castings), and is a meticulous interpreter of every specific need, offering solutions with certifiable quality.

In order to best satisfy the requests of our customers we implemented a continuous casting production system, which allows us to supply bars and  tubes, of any peculiar dimensions and limited thicknesses, reducing issues and costs.

In our warehouse you can find products in any alloys and any dimensions (from diameter 13 mm to diameter 400 mm), this enables us to guarantee our customers punctuality, speed of delivery and the certainty of finding the materials necessary for the most specific processes.

About usOur strenghtis flexibility

We have always maintained our identity in a world that is increasingly moving towards the specialization of sectors and expertise in specific fields.

Starting from a small artisan workshop, we have become a company with fifteen employees. The mechanical processes are managed on machining centers and latest generation numerical control machines. We are able to produce from standard parts, such as bushings and flanges for general applications, to the most elaborate mechanical parts. If the customer has a problem, we have the solution.

About usQuality andcertifications

Over the years Emilbronzo has succesfully partnered with Studio Tecnico Associato for the dimensional and quality controls of its products. Studio Tecnico Associato is a focused and extremely competent company, made up of a staff of professionals certified ISO9001:2008 and accredited by the Ministries of the Interior and Defense, as well as at courts for which it periodically carries out technical consultancy services.

Emilbronzo is therefore able to provide certificates compliant with regulation 3.1 EN 10204:2004 for the chemical composition of its materials and for the mechanical properties of the particular products precisely by virtue of this consolidated collaboration.

Tests are carried out both in the laboratory and using portable instruments, allowing accurate analyzes on the materials and on the treatments they have been subjected. The reaction of materials to different tests varies based on the chemical, mechanical and structural characteristics found.

Our laboratories are able to provide detailed reports on a vast range of materials with particular attention to metal alloys.

A metallic alloy is defined as an aggregate of two or more chemical elements that has metallic characteristics. Establishing its structure, component percentages and characteristics using an analytical method allows us to provide a classification.

The instruments, whose calibration and reliability are periodically verified by certified bodies and manufacturers, are the fulcrum of the analyzes and tests that Studio Tecnico Associato carries out on behalf of Emilbronzo.

The certification process is finally ensured by the experience of our technicians in interacting with all machinery and equipment, such as durometers, spectrometers, roughness and three-dimensional meters, and also optical instruments with high magnification capacity.