MetalsBronze:An ideal choice for the most diverse applications

Bronze alloys are among the most versatile and high-performance non-ferrous metals. These are materials capable of covering a wide range of applications, thanks to specific chemical and physical characteristics useful for satisfying the most diverse needs.

Bronze has been known since ancient times as an alloy of copper and tin, and has gradually evolved over time into a large family of different alloys, with the addition of various elements introduced to confer specific characteristics and satisfy specific needs (such as phosphorus, zinc, aluminium, lead, iron magnesium, beryllium, silicon).

This has allowed bronze to become a privileged choice for the most diverse sectors: from the mechanical and electromechanical industry to chemistry, from construction to the naval industry and telecommunications

Whether it is a question of obtaining greater hardness, elasticity, resistance to corrosion, friction or conductivity, it is therefore essential to identify the most correct bronze alloy for each use, capable of providing ideal performances.

Emilbronzo was created to be the point of reference for every need related to this material. We have an in-depth knowledge of the universe of bronze alloys, their chemical and physical characteristics, and we assist customers in choosing the best supply for each application and need.

We are specialists in bronze processing and supply both semi-finished products, such as bars, plates, drawn parts, and finished products made from the customer’s design, such as bushings and flanges.

Finally, our large warehouse allows us to quickly satisfy every need for each specific bronze alloy.