MetalsCopper:a material for every sector and every application

Copper is most likely the first metal to have been discovered and used by man. If on the one hand it is the element at the basis of some of the most important metal alloys, such as bronze and brass, on the other hand its uses in pure form remain almost infinite today, in the most diverse industrial and civil fields.

Copeer is renowned for its excellent qualities of malleability and conductivity, and it finds widespread application today in the chemical and electronics industries, while in construction it is the privileged choice for drainpipes and for the making of various finishes, as well as for plumbing and the system engineering. Used for centuries in the production of tools as well as in more recent times in the chemical or mechanical sector, there is really no area that is foreign to this metal.

The extraordinary ductility of copper, combined with its low specific weight (when compared with that of other metals and alloys) also allows this material to be extracted and marketed in the most diverse formats and volumes.

Emilbronzo has a long experience in the sale and processing of copper and is able to support its customers in choosing and supplying the ideal product for each application. Our large warehouse offers a vast selection of semi-finished copper products, such as bars, tubes, plates, profiles, strips and wires, thus making it always possible to complete each order quickly. Our workshop is specialized in the processing of non-ferrous metals and metal alloys, and is thus able to satisfy every need for the making of mechanical parts and finished copper details. Finally, Emilbronzo‘s foundry service is always available for any project that involves the creation of copper castings.