MetalsBrass:features and solutions for every sector of use

Brass is a non-ferrous metal ideal for the most varied uses and fields such as mechanical and chemical industries, electronics, constructions,  furniture and musical instruments. It was first created as an alloy of copper and zinc, but a fundamental role is represented both by the percentages with which the two metals are joined and by the presence or absence of other elements.

The so-called α-type brasses are those that contain zinc up to below the threshold of 36% and are perfectly suited to both cold and hot working. This allows the creation of infinite products for the most diverse uses.

When the percentage of zinc rises between 37% and 45%, we are talking about α-β type brasses, which are characterized by being far less deformable when cold and easily workable only when hot.

Finally, brass alloys with higher percentages of zinc are extremely rare, due to excessive fragility which increases at the same time as hardness.

Special brasses are instead created with the addition of further elements (manganese, tin, iron, antimony, arsenic, aluminium, nickel, silicon, lead), and take on great importance in providing answers to specific needs, such as greater resistance to corrosion , abrasions and mechanical stresses.

Emilbronzo has an in-depth knowledge of the chemical and physical characteristics of brass and is able to guide the customer in choosing the most suitable alloy for every need.

In our warehouse we always have the widest availability of semi-finished products in brass alloys, such as bars, tubes, plates, sheets and profiles. The Emilbronzo workshop is then specialized in the processing of brass for the production of finished pieces and details starting from a drawing provided by the customer. Finally, our foundry service is always available for the creation of castings and castings.