MetalsAluminum:a ductile and versatile material for infinite uses

Aluminum is one of the most widespread and used metals in every area and industrial sector. It is an extremely light and workable material. It is an excellent conductor and through its alloys, as well as through anodization processes, it acquires important characteristics of resistance and durability.

Although Aluminum is one of the most common elements in nature, its processing has only developed over the last two hundred years, mainly due to the complexity of the procedures for extracting this material from the minerals in which it is originally contained (typically bauxite). Today it is considered an essential material for the creation of the most diverse products and components in the most diverse industrial sectors, from constructions to transports, from mechanics to electronics, from consumer goods to packaging.

Aluminum, combined with other elements, is also exceptionally suitable to form alloys, in order to achive specific characteristics for the material and the products that can be obtained with it.

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