Semi-finished productsBronze productsand metal alloys

Semi-finished products manufacturing for every type of need and production volume

The manufacturing of semi-finished products in bronze, aluminium, brass and copper alloys has always been one of Emilbronzo‘s specialities.

The experience and technical expertise of our workshop allow us to carry out any type of drawing, extrusion and tapering processing for the production of drawn products and bars. We are able to satisfy every need for the supply of sheets and plates. We have also recently added a foundry  to our service offering, to meet the growing demand of our customers.

Our semi-finished productsProducts and processesalways available

Upon request we produce specific semi-finished products such as:

  • Continuously cast and centrifuged ingots in all bronze alloys.
  • Bronze drawn
  • Drawn aluminium
  • Drawn brass
  • Copper drawn
  • Round extruded bronze bars
  • Tubular extruded bronze bars
  • Flat extruded bronze bars
  • Square extruded bronze bars
  • Aluminum sheets
  • Bronze sheets
  • Copper sheets
  • Brass sheets

Semi-finished productsCustomized workmanship eDesign service

Our large warehouse allows us to quickly start each process, and to quickly satisfy even requests regarding the most specific and particular alloys.

Furthermore, when the need is to add a more detailed level of workmanship, our design and production service for finished parts according to drawings is always available.