Production of mechanical partsBushings andmechanical parts

Design and production of finished parts such as bushings and flanges

We are specialists in the design and production of mechanical parts and finished details starting from the processing of all non-ferrous metal alloys, such as bronze, brass and aluminium. Our laboratory and our workshop are able to manufacture every finished product, both starting from drawings provided by the customer or supporting them in the design phase for their projects.

Processes and productsProductsalways available

Starting from the raw materials available in our large warehouse, or from the semi-finished products that we produce internally, such as bars and drawn products of all types, we are able to carry out cutting, milling and turning processes for the creation of the most diverse mechanical parts, such as example:

  • Bushes
  • Spherical bushings
  • Semi bushes
  • Skates
  • Flanges

Knowledge of materialsThe production process

In addition, we can perform on every mechanical part any type of milling and machinering with extreme precision:

  • Helical
  • Crossed outgoing and not
  • To one or more principles

Emilbronzo doesn’t just provide its customers with rigorous and accurate production processes, but also offers its profound knowledge of the materials and their physical and chemical characteristics. Every mechanical piece that is manufactured comes with the certainty that the most suitable alloy was chosen for each different use, capable of guaranteeing the best performance and lasting over time.