Cu Pb Sn Alloys

yellowBS Pb8
G Cu Sn10 Pb10
B Pb12
G Cu Sn8 Pb15
G Cu Sn5 Pb20

Their anti-friction properties, resistance to corrosion and ease of machining are typical of these alloys which are therefore used for antifriction bearings when lubrication is poor or inefficient or when a certain degree of self-lubrication and a good ability to adapt to the contact surface are required. The load capacity is directly proportional to the amount of tin content.

Typical applications are: anti-friction bearings without coating, with average loads in contact with non-hardened surfaces, at moderate speeds and with poor or intermittent lubrication in hot and cold rolling mills, machine tools, agricultural machines, in diesel and gas engines, in electric machinery and in rolling stock. The range of applications in view of their anti-corrosive properties includes the chemical, mining, oil and paper industries.