Cu Sn Zn Pb Alloys

blueSAE 660
G Cu Sn3 Zn10 Pb7
G Cu Sn5 Zn10 Pb5
G Cu SN7 Zn5 Pb6
B Zn7

This group includes the so-called unified alloys for general purposes. Among these, the G Cu Sn5 Pb5 ZN5 is the most common bronze alloy in the world.

This is used whenever good mechanical strength, resistance to corrosion, compactness and ease of processing are required.

Recurring applications: bearings, bushings, bearing brasses, supports, injectors, machine parts in general, pump bodies and impellers and hydraulic valves.

In applications for bearings, only for modest stresses and shafts which are not hardened or only surface hardened.