Cu Sn Zn Pb Alloys

  • SAE 660
  • G Cu Sn3 Zn10 Pb7
  • G Cu Sn5 Zn10 Pb5
  • G Cu SN7 Zn5 Pb6
  • B Zn7

The so-called unified alloys for general uses belong to this group. Among these, G Cu Sn5 Zn5 Pb5 is the most widespread bronze alloy in the world.
It is used whenever good mechanical and anti-corrosive resistance, compactness and ease of processing are required.
Recurring applications: bearings, bushings, bushes, supports, injectors, machine parts in general, bodies and impellers, for pumps, hydraulic valves.
In bearing applications, only for modest stresses and unhardened or only superficially hardened shafts.