Tests and certifications


Emilbronzo’s offer combines a profound knowledge of materials with uncompromising quality control.

For this reason, for the dimensional and product verification of its products, the company has for years made use of the competent service offered by the Studio Tecnico Associato, a company made up of a staff of specialized professionals, certified ISO9001:2008 and accredited by the Ministries of ‘Internal and Defence, as well as at the courts for which it periodically carries out a technical consultancy service.

Emilbronzo is therefore able to provide certificates compliant with the 3.1 EN 10204:2004 regulation for the chemical composition of its materials and for the mechanical properties of the particular products precisely by virtue of this consolidated collaboration.

Thanks to tests carried out both in the laboratory and through mobile measuring instruments, we are always able to collect a vast range of data and information useful for creating reports on the characteristics of the materials and the treatments to which they have been subjected. This makes it possible to obtain extremely precise feedback regarding chemical, mechanical and structural characteristics.

Laboratory analysis


Our laboratories are able to analytically establish the structure, percentages and quantities of the components and the characteristics that distinguish the metal alloys, allowing us to provide a classification.

The instruments, whose calibration and reliability are periodically verified by certified bodies and manufacturers, are the fulcrum of the analyzes and tests that Studio Tecnico Associato carries out on behalf of Emilbronzo.
The experience of our technicians then completes the certification process with the necessary and indispensable interaction with machinery including durometers, spectrometers, roughness and three-dimensional meters, as well as optical instruments with high magnification capacity.

Semi-finished products


Mechanical parts